Commercial Printing and Addressing

Direct Mail Houses and Commercial Printers require a combination of high quality and high speed variable printing to meet customer demands. This requirement calls  for a large portfolio of print technologies and inks to perfectly match your most vital applications.  Whether you need to print a simple address or control critical aspects of your line, Videojet has solutions to meet these requirements.

Designed to address the breadth of application needs:

  • High performance Binary Array printers to address high-speed applications with inks that dry on most stocks
  • High-gloss, vibrant finishes available using solvent and UV cure systems, addressing a wide range of substrates
  • Easy to use, easy to scale-up, thermal inkjet systems for printing on porous and semi-porous stocks
  • Highly reliable, continuous inkjet addressing systems for the mailing and newspaper industries with throughput up to 20,000 pieces per hour
  • Software to control vital aspects of your direct mailing line

Engineered for Uptime Advantage and cost effective printing:

  • Industrial, Binary Array printheads designed to last the life of the system have no hour meter and do not require replacement or refurbishment
  • UV cure systems utilizing proven DOD piezo printing technology to deliver high print quality
  • Simplicity and uptime through the use of thermal inkjet cartridge systems

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